Daily Devotions – Lead us, guide us, and renew us

Daily Devotions – Lead us, guide us, and renew us

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Proverbs 7 (NIV)
Warning Against the Adulterous Woman
7 My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you. 2 Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. 3 Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart. 4 Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and to insight, “You are my relative.” 5 They will keep you from the adulterous woman, from the wayward woman with her seductive words. 6 At the window of my house I looked down through the lattice. 7 I saw among the simple, I noticed among the young men, a youth who had no sense. 8 He was going down the street near her corner, walking along in the direction of her house 9 at twilight, as the day was fading, as the dark of night set in. 10 Then out came a woman to meet him, dressed like a prostitute and with crafty intent. 11 (She is unruly and defiant, her feet never stay at home; 12 now in the street, now in the squares, at every corner, she lurks.) 13 She took hold of him and kissed him and with a brazen face she said: 14 “Today I fulfilled my vows, and I have food from my fellowship offering at home. 15 So I came out to meet you; I looked for you and have found you! 16 I have covered my bed with colored linens from Egypt. 17 I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, sales, and cinnamon. 18 Come, let’s drink deeply of love till morning; let’s enjoy ourselves with love! 19 My husband is not at home; he has gone on a long journey. 20 He took his purse filled with money and will not be home till full moon.” 21 With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her smooth talk. 22 All at once, he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter, like a deer[a] stepping into a noose 23 till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life. 24 Now then, my sons, listen to me; pay attention to what I say. 25 Do not let your heart turn to her ways or stray into her paths. 26 Many are the victims she has brought down; her slain are a mighty throng. 27 Her house is a highway to the grave, leading down to the chambers of death.


Why is Solomon so concerned about the issues outlined here?


Heavenly & Faithful Father,
Your words are words of life that sustain us as only you can. Store up in our hearts your commands to rely on during our times of temptation so that we may endure. Guard the intricate workings of our complicated hearts so that we may more deeply embrace your wisdom and truth. Give us hearts that seek greater union with you and you alone during our daily journeys. Lead us, guide us, and renew us with the same wisdom that feeds our hungry minds/hearts. Fulfill in us the deepest needs we have that no others nor things can ever meet. Your steadfast love is all we need as you look over us and time and time again invite us back to know, love, and follow you. When we go astray, give us reassurance that your mercy & grace are more abundant than what we deserve. Lead us oh Lord that we may remain in your presence and strive to be unwavering in our attempts to please you and you alone! Amen, we say, Amen we pray.

Today’s prayer was submitted by Mike Rodriguez