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Soles For Jesus has an effective strategy in place for sending and distributing shoes in Africa. Most importantly though, we have partners in place. Shoes come to our warehouse through the generosity of countless individuals, churches and organizations who donate shoes and funds.

The shoes are received and distributed effectively because we link arms with like-minded organizations established in Africa. Our reports continually show that this mission is making an impact in communities that need both shoes and Jesus.

Soles For Jesus relies on churches, businesses, individuals, foundations and schools to provide the shoes, volunteer assistance and funds necessary to send ocean freight shipments to Africa.

Shepherd of the Hills collects shoes year-round. Bins are available for gently used shoes in the compassion area in the fellowship hall. Rubberband matching shoes together before placing them in the bin to keep them together. 178 pairs of shoes were collected by Shepherd of the Hills during 2020 and donated to Soles for Jesus. Financial support to ship shoes to Tanzania was also given.

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I am amazed at the impact a pair of shoes can have in the lives of those who receive them. The looks on their faces as their feet are washed by members of the Soles for Jesus team and then fitted with shoes is one of ‘pure joy!’ It touches my heart and so I support Soles in any way that I can. – By Cynthia S

After receiving shoe donations in our warehouse, volunteers come to sort and pack them. During these volunteer events, the shoes are organized by size and packed in boxes. When there are enough boxes packed for a shipment (8,000 pairs), they are loaded into an ocean freight container and shipped to their destination port. Our partners on the ground who receive the shoes are people we know personally. They are respected leaders and pastors in their region, and as they plan each shoe distribution, they are aware of the greatest needs in their community.

After each distribution, we receive exciting photos and reports of lives that have been changed through the valuable gift of shoes.

Soles For Jesus (SFJ) exists to share the love of Christ by distributing shoes to the underserved in sub-Saharan Africa.

These people are not asking for a bicycle, vehicle, bus pass, or some other form of transportation that we are accustomed to in our western world. They simply need a pair of shoes that properly fit them, so they can protect their feet as they walk. What a simple mission! How many containers of shoes do we have in our homes that are unused or outgrown? The mission of SFJ is to gather these shoes and send them to Africa, making a radical difference in the life of a child or adult. By collecting shoes that are hiding in closets and basements across our nation, we can provide hope and diminish disease for thousands.  The pairs that you donate will be a life-changing treasure across the globe.

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Shoes. They are a basic luxury that we take for granted every day as we choose our favorite pair from our closet floor. Many of us are unaware that millions of people across our globe live barefoot lives. It is estimated that over one billion pairs of unworn shoes are taking up space in U.S. basements and closets. Some are outdated or outgrown, but many of them are in good condition and considered a treasure in a developing country.

Click on the links below to learn more about why Soles For Jesus is committed to providing shoes to those who have none.

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