Simple Hope

Simple Hope


Simple Hope is a non-profit Christian organization that provides nutritious food and clean water to compromised communities in rural Tanzania, East Africa.  Please view Simple Hope’s website at to learn more about its mission focus.


2020: People from SOTH greatly supported Simple Hope’s work in Tanzania prayerfully and financially. Contributions provided two, 2500-liter water reservation tanks, allowing the Hadzabe people to expand their garden/crop area. It funded a 4-day Christian workshop at the Ushindi Center led by Bishop Boniface Kwangu and local Pastors. It also provided funding for emergency food during the spring peak of Covid19. The Ushindi Center was able to care for 6 Hadzabe AIDS patients whose aid was cut by the pandemic. SOTH Benevolence budget funds provided for Christian instruction and project-based expenses. Prayerfully, 2021 will allow the Hadzabe and Tumaini Women’s Group to sell their produce and preserved products, restoring their goal of sustainability.

10 people from Shepherd of the Hills climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in February 2015 to raise hunger awareness and funds for those without regular access to food. The Hadzabe are beginning to embrace the teachings of the “Jesus” movie after seeing it as part of each mission trip.



Clean Water – water purification system

Sub-Irrigated Planter – allows for year-round growing because the planters filled with fresh vegetables can be moved to adjust for the changes in weather.

Tree Grove – Teaching the correct way to plant and maintain the fruit trees and grove area. New trees continue to be planted through our “tree donation” program.

Chickens – Chickens provide both eggs and meat, filling in the protein gap when hunting game is sparse. Eggs can also provide income to help them purchase other necessary items. The goal is to build a more substantial chicken coop so that we can expand the project to 100 laying hens.

Food Preservation – Simple canning, pickling, and food dehydration, along with safe food handling skills were taught. The women then took it upon themselves to seek certification through the Tanzanian Food and Drug Authority so that they could take their product to market.

Jesus Movie – The Jesus Movie first premiered in the USA in 1979. Since that time, it has been translated into more than 1400 languages, including Kiswahili, which is spoken in Tanzania. Using a solar-powered projection system, we have been able to show this movie to the all the communities that we serve in. The Hadzabe, who had little or no understanding of Jesus, have come to know of His amazing miracles and love through this film. On February 19, 2017, our first Hadza member from our camp became baptized after understanding Jesus as our Savior. We are partnering with local clergy to take the movie out to other bush communities so that they can also learn of Jesus.