Eight Days of Hope

Eight Days of Hope relies on effective leaders and volunteers to impact homeowners and victims of natural disasters. What was meant to be a one-time visit to the Gulf Coast with a handful of people after Hurricane Katrina, God has allowed to blossom into a wonderful ministry! On several different occasions, thousands of volunteers have ministered to people’s needs after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Irene, Isaac, the floods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Nashville, Tennessee, and the tornados in Northeast Mississippi and Northwest Alabama.

Eight Days of Hope has one goal:
Love people and serve people as Jesus loves us!


Rapid Response

When disaster strikes, time becomes a precious commodity. In a matter of hours, victims are faced with many life-changing decisions and necessary actions which will affect their lives for years to come. The first week following a disaster is a critical window of opportunity for victims and disaster-relief workers to bond together for the good of a victim’s family and strength of the community. Eight Days of Hope created Rapid Response to be pivotal in such times.