Contact Persons:    

Dan Kiesner     

Mary Jo Burkemper


Description of Mt. Meru mission:

To promote our Mt. Meru Coffee Partnership with Tanzania's coffee farmers by purchasing their coffee. This project empowers over 2000 small coffee farmers with economic justice as they receive fair prices for their coffee.

Approximately160 lbs. of Mt. Meru fair trade coffee were sold through Shepherd of the Hills in 2019.

SOTH sent designated collections that helped to

  • train 20 farmers for 3 days to improve their family techniques.
  • offset the moving cost from Forist Ave grindingand shipping location to Wauwatosa, Martin Luther Congregation
  • designated funds directly to Mt. Meru Coffee Project Tanzania

Where and when does your mission serve and/or meet?

Every day... right here at church! We serve this coffee at all worship services and other functions. It is always available to purchase for home use as well.

How do I buy Mt. Meru Coffee?

Order forms are located near the coffee brewers. Simply fill out the form and place your payment inside. Your coffee order will be ready for pick up the following Sunday.


Who can participate?

Everyone can drink and purchase coffee.