MT. MERU Coffee Project

MT. MERU Coffee Project

 Mt. Meru mission Coffee project

Mt Meru Coffee ensures Fair Trade process for Tanzanian coffee farmers.

In 1999, a coffee farmer living on the slopes of Mount Meru in Tanzania asked a visiting Milwaukee pastor the simple question; “We grow coffee; you drink coffee; would you buy your coffee from us?” With an answer of “Yes”, the Mt. Meru Coffee Project was born in this developing country.

This non-profit Project is managed by volunteers and imports Fair-Trade Premium Tanzanian coffee from these small-scale producers. This helps the people of the Meru region to improve their standard of living and escape a cycle of poverty. Sustainable farming practices are encouraged to help make coffee farming sustainable on Mt Meru.

The Project provides small farmers with a fair price for their premium coffee. This fair-trade price provides an increase in farm income, allowing the farmers to educate their children, access healthcare, and support their families with dignity.

The Project imports, roasts, packages and distributes the coffee grown by over 2000 coffee farmers. An average of 8 to 12 tons of coffee per year – over 200 tons of coffee through 2020 has been imported. The Project has enabled farm families to have funds available to support local farm villages, markets, and merchants. This is improving the standard of living in the entire region

Purchasing and drinking Mt. Meru Premium Tanzanian Coffee is the single most important way in which individuals, congregations and businesses can support thousands of family coffee farmers in Tanzania.

How to purchase Mt. Meru Coffee

At church in the lobby by the coffee nook.  Order forms are attached to bags of coffee. Simply fill out the form and place your payment inside. Your coffee order will be ready for pick up the following Sunday.

Order online at

Mt. Meru Coffee is also available on Amazon!

Mungu akubariki sana (Swahili = God blesses us very much)

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Photos of the coffee process below.