Welcoming Connections

There are many ways to actively participate in making others feel welcome at Shepherd of the Hills
  • Greeters
    • Indoors
    • Outdoors
  • Holiday Overflow Shuttle Drivers
  • Sunday Treats
  • Welcome Committee
  • Welcome Center
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G.E.T. — Guest Engagement Team.

G.E.T. is an opportunity for you to use your God-given outgoing personality gift as we grow our efforts to engage guests, visitors, and current members alike!  Welcome Team continually seeks to “equip the saints” as God moves us to do so, which he has with this exciting endeavor.

GET’s main activities include:

  • Ideally, both before and after the worship service, walk down the aisles and greet folks especially concentrating on new faces, yet also offer a ‘Good Morning’ to our regular worshippers especially those who you may recognize their face but don’t know well. Visitors and guests will observe the breadth and sincerity in these efforts to existing members.
  • If you start a conversation with a visitor, if possible in addition to their name(s) try to ascertain some basic information about them such as ‘1st/2nd/+ visit, middle-age couple, sitting in the back left pew section; husband wore glasses, reminded me of …..’ as this will help us to identify guests if they return again to worship.
  • Pass this above visitor information onto a member of the Welcome Team (which their contact information will be provided) so these details can be recorded.
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