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The Shepherd of the Hills website is not only a tool that helps members stay current on upcoming events but the website is also an important tool for evangelism and welcoming. Many people search out information on church websites to know that they will fit in before ever walking into the church.

The website team works to keep the website information up to date, the site features working properly and to incorporate new features that would improve the functionality of the website.

The website represents the life and activities of how we serve, worship, teach and love here at Shepherd of the Hills. The website should reflect the life of the church and provide guidance for individuals looking for a church family. The website includes background information as a reference to help people check us out for themselves and to decide between churches. Pictures not only help people interested in our church get a feel for what goes on at Shepherd of the Hills but it is fun for those involved to visualize activities and recall the joy from the experience.

The website team also works with other areas to maintain a consistent look and feel for the Shepherd of the Hills Logo and message. Guidelines for fonts and colors to be used in church publications were published by this group to make this possible and as a part of that, developing marketing documents are a service of this group. An example was the recent Celebrate Christmas piece used for Facebook Posts, Slides in the Sanctuary, and interactive email announcements to achieve a consistent recognizable message in all areas. We plan to do more of the same to communicate events and special services in the future.

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