Shepherd of the Hills' volunteers have been recognized as raising significant amounts for the Salvation Army - Washington County. Thank you to all who signed up to ring bells for the Salvation Army at Cabela's. We were blessed to have many people participate in ringing this past year.  The Red Kettle programs help the Salvation Army aide people that likely would be forgotten. This program provides housing assistance, food and Christmas cheer to thousands of people who have nowhere else to turn. This is an effort with virtually no overhead; all of what people give goes to assist the needy.

While ringing over the years, we have had people tell us how the Salvation Army has helped them in a time of need. As a result, they never pass up a kettle without putting something in it. Thank you for all of your efforts to bring comfort and Christmas cheer to those in need. They have not been forgotten by you.

Each year Shepherd of the Hills rings at Cabela's: we are represented by the youth group, families and individuals.

Remember that dressing in warm cheerful colors, wearing large friendly smiles and playing festive Christmas music really brings in the donations. Join us for making this year a great one for our neighbors in need! (Music, and decorative headgear is provided for you at the site)

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Sarah V.

On Saturday, December 7th, my husband, Adam, and I signed up to ring the Salvation Army Bells at Cabela’s from 5- 7 pm. For the past few years, we have signed up as a family, but this year it was so cold that our kids stayed home with Grandma. It was not the same without them there, as their presence adds a whole new atmosphere, but we still had a ton of fun doing this and raising money for such a great cause! I think that when the general public sees you having fun, it not only puts a smile on their faces but it makes them want to give. Both of our families came to visit, donate and help ring the bells.

During our shift, there was a young group of friends, all in their 20s, who stopped by the kettle. One young man put a few dollars in as he entered Cabela’s. We said ‘Thank You’ and wished the group a Merry Christmas. On their way out, one of the young men said smiling, "You know, I am feeling extra generous!" And as he was saying this, he pulled a $50 bill out of his wallet and put it into the kettle! You could tell that he was giving just because he wanted to and not to impress anyone in his group. We again thanked him and said, “Merry Christmas” - we could not stop smiling! That young man had made our night with his donation. It was nice to see everyone donating money throughout the night, but it was even better to see a young man being so generous, even with his buddies there! The whole experience really reminds you what Christmas is all about - to give, not expecting anything in return, and to be happy and thankful for what you have. It was a great night and we cannot wait to do it again next year!