Lend A Hand

Lend A Hand


The purpose of the Lend A Hand ministry is to serve the on-going physical needs of the church and its property performing routine duties and undertaking special projects. All work and projects are done in cooperation with church staff, ministry groups and church supported groups and individuals.

Each week, in coordination with the church staff, a task list is created and e-mailed to the Lend A Hand members. Members arrange for the tools and materials necessary to complete the items on the task list. They are a group of guys who faithfully come in every Wednesday morning (9:00 am – 12:00 pm) to complete the various tasks that we ask them to do. They change light bulbs, build things, move tables & chairs around a lot, do minor repairs and the list goes on.

Jim Bahr leads the group and his faithful workers. Be sure to thank these guys for their expertise and dedication.


Jim Bahr
How many Lutherans does it take to change a lightbulb?

“Lend A Hand” is the result of a call to serve and then taking it to where it led me. It started in the old church when I was asked to help with tasks the one man maintenance crew did not have time for. With much to do, Jim Reilly quickly joined me and we worked to fulfill the various needs of the church. As we eagerly anticipated completion of our new church I knew there would be even more to do to equip and maintain a much larger facility. I realized more serving hands would be needed so I put out a call for help and the Lend A Hand group was formed. My desire in creating this group is to take on the physical needs of the church allowing the staff to focus on their primary duties thereby avoiding the need for additional paid staff. Lend A Hand is but one small part of the church body, but through our service, we strive to maintain and enhance the quality of the facility and the worship setting by making our beautiful church facility inviting to all.