Jesus has gifted each of us in special ways for service (ministry). Our Christian life becomes more fulfilling as we serve, especially in the ways that God has gifted and designed us.  At Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church we offer a variety of opportunities to use these spiritual gifts.  We have events and service opportunities all year round.  Some areas of opportunity include:

  • Artistry & Music – one skilled or versed in learned arts
  • Evangelism – share the Good News of the love of Jesus Christ so that others may come to know Him
  • Faith – see the spirit at work and trust where it is leading you
  • Giving – recognize God’s blessings by giving your time, talent and resources to glorify Him
  • Hospitality – the friendly reception & treatment of guests or strangers
  • Mercy – an act of kindness, compassion or favor
  • Service – an act of helpful activity either done openly or behind the scenes
  • Shepherding – use your confidence, capability, compassion and Faith to provide spiritual leadership to others

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Opportunities to Serve the congregation and community

Small Groups

Domestic and International Mission Trips