Eight Days of Hope Rapid Response

Eight Days of Hope Rapid Response

When disaster strikes, time becomes a precious commodity. In a matter of hours, victims are faced with many life-changing decisions and necessary actions which will affect their lives for years to come. The first week following a disaster is a critical window of opportunity for victims and disaster-relief workers to bond together for the good of a victim’s family and strength of the community. Hope Reigns was created to be pivotal in such times.

Hope Reigns is a charitable service division of Eight Days of Hope. The primary goal of Hope Reigns is to show the Love of Jesus Christ to disaster victims 48-72 hours after a disaster strikes anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. The means to meeting this goal will be through clearing debris, tarping roofs, gutting water damaged homes and salvaging personal property. These are the most basic immediate actions necessary to preserve property and livelihood. In so doing, Hope Reigns volunteers seek to build bonds with home owners, community leaders and other disaster relief organizations for immediate relief and in hope of laying a foundation for future disaster-recovery efforts.

Shepherd of the Hills Folks responded to the call to serve:

  • Hattiesburg and Pearl Mississippi, February 2017
  • Louisiana flooding, August 2016
  • West Virginia flooding, July 2016
  • Holly Springs Mississippi Tornado, December 2015


Hattiesburg & Pearl Mississippi Tornado February 2017

Louisiana Flooding, August 2016

West Virginia Flooding, July 2016

Holly Springs Mississippi, December 2015

After the tornado swept through Holly Springs Mississippi December 24, 2015, the Shepherd of the Hills Trip Leaders received an email from Hope Reigns, requesting help. Being the holiday season, they left on the 27th for Holly Springs Mississippi.

After a 12 hour drive, they reached the Hope Reigns Center of Operations. The next morning they became chain saw certified and were put to work cutting many huge huge trees that were twisted and downed during the storm. They tarped roofs, handpicked house debris from ground and trees, prayed with residents, had great fellowship with one another.

These trips are not only for those who are skilled with their hands, but for ALL ages (18 and older) both genders. We were put in work groups of 5-10 people and worked with on woman who was 70+ years old. Another work group had a young lady who was in her early 20’s. When we returned Saturday, we both agreed that we had a great time being the hands and feet of God.  Please prayerfully consider participating on these trips. They are spiritually filling and greatly appreciated by those in need

Click here for a video of Holly Springs MS