Devotion Archive

Devotion Archive

 …..                                   ………………………………… ..                                 …                                                        yellow_sheet_12_31_17

yellow sheet_12_26_21      yellow sheet_12_27_20      yellow sheet_12_29_19     yellow sheet_12_30_18        yellow_sheet_12_24_17

yellow sheet_12_19_21      yellow sheet_12_20_20      yellow sheet_12_22_19     yellow sheet_12_23_18        yellow_sheet_12_17_17

yellow sheet_12_12_21      yellow sheet_12_13_20      yellow sheet_12_15_19     yellow sheet_12_16_18         yellow_sheet_ 12_10_17 

yellow sheet_12_05_21      yellow sheet_12_06_20      yellow sheet_12_8_19       yellow sheet_12_9_18           yellow_sheet_ 12_03_17 

yellow sheet_11_28_21      yellow sheet_11_29_20      yellow sheet_12_1_19        yellow sheet_12_2_18           yellow_sheet_11_26_17 

yellow sheet_11_21_21      yellow sheet_11_22_20      yellow sheet_11_24_19      yellow sheet_11_25_18          yellow_sheet_11_19_17

yellow sheet_11_14_21      yellow sheet_11_15_20      yellow sheet_11_17_19      yellow sheet_11_18_18          yellow_sheet_ 11_12_17

yellow sheet_11_07_21      yellow sheet_11_08_20      yellow sheet_11_10_19      yellow sheet_11_11_18          yellow_sheet_11_05_17

yellow sheet_10_31_21      yellow sheet_11_1_20        yellow sheet_11_03_19      yellow sheet_11_04_18          yellow_sheet_10_29_17

yellow sheet_10_24_21      yellow sheet_10_25_20      yellow sheet_10_27_19      yellow sheet_10_28_18         yellow_sheet_10-22-17

yellow sheet_10_17_21      yellow sheet_10_18_20      yellow sheet_10_20_19      yellow sheet_10_21_18         yellow_sheet_10_15_17

yellow sheet_10_10_21      yellow sheet_10_11_20      yellow sheet_10_13_19      yellow sheet_10_14_18         yellow_sheet_10_08_17

yellow sheet_10_03_21      yellow sheet_10_4_20        yellow sheet_10_6_19        yellow sheet_10_07_18         yellow_sheet_10_01_17

yellow sheet_09_26_21      yellow sheet_09_27_20      yellow sheet_9_29_19        yellow sheet_09_30_18         yellow_sheet_09_24_17

yellow sheet_09_19_21      yellow sheet_09_20_20      yellow sheet_9_22_19        yellow sheet_09_24_18         yellow_sheet_09_17_17

yellow sheet_09_12_21      yellow sheet_09_13_20      yellow sheet  _9_15_19      yellow sheet_09_16_18         yellow_sheet_09_10_17

yellow sheet_09_05_21      yellow sheet_09_06_20      yellow sheet_9_08_19        yellow sheet_09_09_18         yellow_sheet_09_03_17

yellow sheet_08_29_21      yellow sheet_08_30_20      yellow sheet_9_01_19        yellow sheet_09_02_18         yellow_sheet_08_27_17

yellow sheet_08_22_21      yellow sheet_08_23_20      yellow sheet_08_25_19      yellow sheet_08_26_18         yellow_sheet_ 08_20_17

yellow sheet_08_15_21      yellow sheet_08_16_20      yellow sheet_08_18_19       yellow sheet_08_19_18        yellow_sheet_08_13_17

yellow sheet_08_08_21      yellow sheet_08_09_20      yellow sheet_08_11_19       yellow sheet_08_12_18        yellow_sheet_ 08_06_17

yellow sheet_08_01_21      yellow sheet_08_02_20      yellow sheet_08_04_16       yellow sheet_08_05_18        yellow_sheet_ 07_30_17

yellow sheet_07_25_21      yellow sheet_07_26_20      yellow sheet_07_28_19       yellow sheet_07_29_18        yellow_sheet_ 07_23_17

yellow sheet_07_18_21      yellow sheet_07_19_20      yellow sheet_07_21_19       yellow sheet_07_22_18        yellow_sheet_ 07_16_17

yellow sheet_07_11_21       yellow sheet_07_12_20      yellow sheet_07_14_19      yellow sheet_07_15_18        yellow_sheet_ 07_09_17

yellow sheet_07_ 04_21     yellow sheet_07_05_20      yellow sheet_07_07_19       yellow sheet_07_08_18        yellow_sheet_ 07_02_17

yellow sheet_06_27_21      yellow sheet_06_28_20      yellow sheet_06_30_19       yellow sheet_07_01_18        yellow_sheet_ 06_25_17

yellow sheet_06_20_21      yellow sheet_06_21_20      yellow sheet_06_23_19       yellow sheet_06_24_18        yellow_sheet_06_18_17

yellow sheet_06_13_21      yellow sheet_06_14_20      yellow sheet_06_16_19       yellow sheet_06_17_18        yellow_sheet_06_11_17

yellow sheet_06_06_21      yellow sheet_06_07_20      yellow sheet_06_09_19       yellow sheet_06_10_18        yellow sheet_06_04_17

yellow sheet_05_30_21      yellow sheet_05_31_20      yellow sheet_06_02_19       yellow sheet_06_03_18        yellow sheet_05_28_17

yellow sheet_05_23_21      yellow sheet_05_24_20      yellow sheet_05_26_19       yellow sheet_05_27_18        yellow sheet_05_21_17

yellow sheet_05_16_21      yellow sheet_05_17_20      yellow sheet_05_19_19       yellow sheet_05_20_18        yellow sheet_05_14_17

yellow sheet _05_09_21     yellow sheet_05_10_20      yellow sheet _05_12_19      yellow sheet_05_13_18        yellow sheet_05_07_17

yellow sheet_05_02_21      yellow sheet_05_03_20      yellow sheet_05_05_19       yellow sheet_05_06_18        yellow sheet_04_30_17 

yellow sheet_04_25_21      yellow sheet_04_26_20      yellow sheet_04_28_19       yellow sheet_4_29_18          yellow sheet_04_23_17

yellow sheet_04_18_21      yellow sheet_04_19_20      yellow sheet_04_21_19       yellow sheet_04_22_18        yellow sheet_04_16_17

yellow sheet_04_11_21      yellow sheet_04_12_20      yellow sheet_04_14_19       yellow sheet_04_15_18        yellow sheet_04_09_17

yellow sheet_04_04_21      yellow sheet_04_05_20      yellow sheet_04_07_19       yellow sheet_04_08_18        yellow sheet_04_02_17

yellow sheet_03_28_21      yellow sheet_03_29_20      yellow sheet_03_31_19       yellow sheet_04_01_18        yellow sheet_03_26_17

yellow sheet_03_21_21      yellow sheet_03_22_20      yellow sheet_03_24_19       yellow sheet_3_25_18          yellow sheet_03_19_17 

yellow sheet_03_14_21      yellow sheet_03_15_20      yellow sheet_03_17_19       yellow sheet_3_18_18          yellow sheet_03_12_17

yellow sheet_03_07_21      yellow sheet_03_08_20      yellow sheet_03_10_19       yellow sheet_3_11_18          yellow sheet_03_05_17

yellow sheet_02_28_21      yellow sheet_03_01_20      yellow sheet_03_03_19       yellow sheet_3_4_18            yellow sheet_02_26_17

yellow sheet_02_21_21      yellow sheet_02_23_20      yellow sheet_02_24_19       yellow sheet_2_25_18          yellow sheet_02_19_17

yellow sheet_02_14_21      yellow sheet_02_16_20      yellow sheet_02_17_19       yellow sheet_2_18_18          yellow sheet_02_12_17    

yellow sheet_02_07_21      yellow sheet_02_09_20      yellow sheet_02_10_19       yellow sheet_02_11_18        yellow sheet_02_05_17

yellow sheet_01_31_21      yellow sheet_02_02_20      yellow sheet_02_03_19       yellow sheet_02_04_18        yellow sheet_01_29_17

yellow sheet_01_24_21      yellow sheet_01_26_20      yellow sheet_01_27_19       yellow sheet_01_28_18        yellow sheet_01_22_17

yellow sheet_01_17_21      yellow sheet_01_19_20      yellow sheet_01_20_19       yellow sheet_01_21_18        yellow sheet_01_15_17 

yellow sheet_01_10_21      yellow sheet_01_12_20      yellow sheet_01_13_19       yellow sheet_01_14_18        yellow sheet_01_08_17

yellow sheet_01_03_21      yellow sheet_01_05_20      yellow sheet_01-06_19        yellow sheet_01_07_18        yellow sheet_01_01_17


Shepherd of the Hills Bible Survey Reading Plan

In 2012, our entire congregation read through the most important passages in the Bible. This was an inspiring and joyful activity for many of us. The Shepherd of the Hills Bible Survey Reading Plan can be downloaded and printed for your convenience. In it, you will read will through everything Jesus said and did, in chronological order, and about 90% of the rest of the New Testament. It also covers all of the important teachings and stories in the Old Testament, in the order in which they happened. By skipping passages that duplicate each other, and some of the most obscure passages, you will be able to cover the entire scope of the Bible in about 10 minutes of daily reading (about 40 verses). Each reading includes a devotion and commentary written by Pastor Jay Thorson. This helps you understand the passage, lets you see how it connects with other Bible passages, shows you how everything points to Christ, and helps you apply it to your life.