CrossTrek Inspire

CrossTrek Inspire

Inspire:Help Others Along

‘All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.’ 2 Tim 3:16

Are you ready to help others walk amongst the pages of the Bible?  Would you like to organize a small group?  Perhaps lead a class?  Bringing the community of believers together is vital to the health of a church. Leading a Bible study can be a source of inspiration for you and members with whom you connect.  Think about it!

  • How can I help others read the Bible?
  • How can I facilitate small group study?
  • How can I lead large group study?
  • How can I communicate God’s divine message to people outside of the SOTH community?

How to help others on their journey

Shepherd of the Hills will provide training to all members willing to start a small group Bible study.  Members can also teach large group Bible studies.  As CrossTrek grows, we will seek paths to share God’s Word outside of church, so join us on this exciting adventure.

Training Course Opportunities
  • Small Group Leader Training Program(5 sessions) by – (see staff)
  • Facilitate Alpha sessions – an exploration of the Christian faith:
    • 15, 30 minute episode film series OR 10-week class session format
  • Group Ministry – Bible Teaching for the Busy Leader:  GROUP MINISTRY
  • Leading Small Groups: How to Gather, Launch, Lead, and Multiply Your Small Group by Chris Surratt
  • The Essential Guide for Small Group Leadersby Bill Search
  • Simply Christianity: Leader’s Manual, by John Dickson
  • Building a Life-Changing Small Group Ministry, by Bill Donohue & Russ Robinson
  • Small Group Vital Signs, by Michael C. Mack
Online Videos/Magazines