World Vision 30 hr Famine

World Vision 30 hr Famine


Support the Shepherd of the Hills Youth Group as They Go Without Food For 30 Hours!

We don’t think it’s right that nearly 9,500 kids are dying every day because of hunger — so we’re doing something about it. We’re RELEASING THE FEAST for children in need through World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine!

Please Consider Supporting us with a donation of any size… we challenge you to give even just one ‘coffee’ or ice cream out or go even further and fast with us for even a part of the day…

The great thing about World Vision is they are working for SUSTAINABLE changes… irrigation for several villages… changing how they grow their crops… so that your donation will help to feed a child and community for years to come.

Kids_Africa.200x200A $35 donation will feed a child for a MONTH!!!!!!

How the Famine works:
1. Students LEARN the truth about global hunger and discover what God wants us all to do about it.
2. We RAISE FUNDS to fight hunger (that’s where YOU come in).
3. We grow closer to God and each other as we FAST FOR 30 HOURS.
4. LIVES ARE CHANGED because of the money we’ve raised!


This is your chance to encourage a student in their walk with God and their ability to make a difference in the world. It’s also your opportunity to respond to God’s heart for the poor. Plus, your tax-deductible donation goes a long way.

Monks are having lunch prepared by the people who live in the surrounding areas of Tamnaktrach pagoda, Phnom Sruch district. People take turns with this task of preparing food for the monks.East AsiaD410-0189-15.jpg

Donate to a specific team member above to help them earn awesome rewards and encourage them to keep raising awareness of global hunger. You can also donate here on our team page, but if you want an individual student to get credit, you must click on their name and donate on their personal page.