Daily Devotions – The Task of Proclamation



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Ezekiel 37:5-6 (NIV)

This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life. I will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin; I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord.’”

Ezekiel is looking at a valley filled with human bones and what does God tell him to do? Prophesy! But what good are words going to do? Sharing our faith seems like a similarly fruitless task. What are we supposed to say? What good are my words going to do? But sharing God’s promises is not about our ability or power and our task is not to stand on a street corner handing out pamphlets about Jesus, but to recognize the pain and suffering of those around us and speak God’s forgiveness, grace, and love into their lives. Maybe you know a coworker that is going through a divorce or a friend who is struggling with depression. You might feel helpless and weak with just your words. But sometimes, all God is asking of us is to stand in the valley with those people, be present in their lives and when the time is right… speak Good News.

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