Join us for “Maker Fun Factory”

 Created by GOD, Built for a Purpose

Our VBS program will be held

July 31 – August 4, 2017

9:00 am – Noon



Imagine a world where curious kids become hands-on inventors who discover they’re lovingly crafted by God.  Kids will learn that God created them uniquely and that God has a special purpose for their life!  So, gear up and get ready to participate in this awesome and inventive experience!

 Family members and friends are encouraged to join us daily for the closing held at 11:40 am.

Maker Fun Factory Details: (For children age 3 (potty trained) up to having completed 5th grade)

Held at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 1350 Hwy 175, Hubertus, WI 53033
July 31 – Aug.4, 2017 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Registration Fee:     (Checks payable to Shepherd of the Hills – VBS)


1 child $20.00 total After July 1=$25.00 for 1 child
2 children  $30.00 total  After July 1= $35.00 for 2 children

3 children  $35.00 total  After July 1= $40.00 for 3 children

Print and complete the registration form and mail to or drop off at

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 1350 Hwy 175, Hubertus, WI 53033

Check out some memories from an awesome week of VBS 2016!

We were so blessed to have 133 children join us at Cave Quest, as we learned what it means to follow Jesus, the light of the world. A special thank you to all of the families that pre-registered their children by July 1. This gave our VBS staff extra time to ensure that we had enough student materials and snacks for our increased attendance.
We want to thank all of the many volunteers who helped us out in our VBS preparations and during the week of VBS. We had a total of 106 volunteers help during the week of VBS, either for part of the week or for the entire week. Additional volunteers helped us with decorations and preparation of supplies prior to VBS. We also want to thank the members of our congregation for all of the many donations of supplies and snacks that were provided for VBS. These donations allowed us to provide a quality program for our children and helped us teach God’s Word in a fun and engaging way.
Here is a short YouTube video of VBS highlights from the week.
Please click on this link to view it.
I also want to thank you for supporting our VBS Mission Project.
We collected $610.37 last week for Eight Days of Hope.
This money will help families in the United States rebuild their homes following natural disasters.




VBS – Serving at ‘Cave Quest

By Bill Schneider

My primary reason to work at vacation Bible Study this year was initially selfish, as I was anxious to work alongside my 15-year-old granddaughter, Jessica. Jessica has been working with our VBS program for the last three years even though she is not a member of SOTH. In spite of my selfishness, God blessed our little group of 3 very rambunctious boys and 4 cute little girls! It was fun to see how the kids responded to the lessons and activities. My brain was forced to search its memory banks as to how to relate to and motivate 5 and 6 year-olds and keep some semblance of order in the group. I was so grateful for Jessica’s insight and skill in this area. Snack time reminded me how to encourage some children to “just try something new” and the satisfaction of seeing a smile cross their faces as they realize they actually like it. The music had me waving my hands in the air and wiggling just as much as the kids as we praised and thanked Jesus for all He does for us. 

By Jo Schneider

During the week of VBS, the kitchen of SOTH is a bustling, noisy, fun, and sometimes messy place to be! Each VBS program comes with snacks planned to reinforce the major themes of the program. The creators of these programs have creative ways to make food more than just tasty snacks; it becomes an integral part of the program. Every child gets one day during the week to do a hands on part of the food service, providing one more imaginative way to be nourished by the lessons. Those of us in the kitchen had the fun challenge of trying to serve up to 182 people efficiently and joyfully each day! sometimes we set up the craziest type of assembly lines you will ever see. Of course, there will always be those young people who are very particular eaters, but more often than not, we saw those who were excited to try something new if it is in the shape of a compass or a sunshine or if it has a different name. The lack of leftovers was a great testimony to how much snack time is needed and appreciated. Kids always see things in a different way, and that’s why I love serving in the kitchen during VBS.