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Our Sunday school children presented a beautiful Christmas program on December 13th at a special 3:00 pm service.

Sixty-eight joyful children participated in the musical entitled, “Christmas is Jesus” by Luke Gambill and Rhonda Frazier.

Our 20 member Children’s Choir was highlighted in several songs. Our liturgical dance group performed a lovely dance as our choir sang, “Christmas is Jesus”. Special thanks go out to all of our teachers and the many volunteers who worked with children during Sunday school rehearsals, organized costumes, video- taped the program, took pictures, assisted with set up and clean-up for our program or helped with our dress rehearsal/luncheon. Thank you for your involvement!

Children’s Program DVD’s – Our children’s Christmas program was video-taped. Several DVD “library” copies will be available in early January for small groups or members of our congregation to check out, view and return.