Blood Drive

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Our next Blood Drive is scheduled Tuesday, September 11, 2-7 pm

2016 - 4 Blood Drives

160 volunteer hours

189 units of whole blood + 12 dual red donations   

Since each unit donated can have a lifesaving impact on up to 3 recipients, that is an impact on up to 500  people! 

Jim Gitter Memorial Blood Drive brought in 53 units!

2017 - 4 Blood Drives

140 volunteer hours

123 units of whole blood + 12 dual red donations   

Since each unit donated can have a lifesaving impact on up to 3 recipients, that is an impact on up to 441 people! 

Although walk-ins are welcome, reservations are preferred. There will be sign-up sheets on the Blood Drive table in the church lobby or you can register to donate at Bring a friend or relative with you.

Basic eligibility: Donors must weigh a minimum of 100 pounds and have a valid ID with birth date. Donors must feel healthy on the day of donation. There is a short list of medications that may defer you, and some travel to malarious areas may also cause a deferral. Because there are potential donors who think they may not be eligible to donate when in fact they might be, it's easy to check the website or call 1-877-BE A HERO to determine eligibility.

High School students between 16 and 18 do need to reference a height/weight chart, and 16-year-olds also need a parental consent form.

We can donate whole blood every 56 days, which is about 8 weeks, giving our bodies enough time to regenerate those red cells.

Shepherd of the Hills is one of the most consistent sponsors of church blood drives. We are so very proud of what we've done toward saving lives and what we can yet do

Volunteers are needed to help welcome, coordinate visitors, and food or bring in food for the event.

We can always use a little more help on our drives. If you're able to help out for a couple of hours or bring some snacks or a dessert, please sign up on the volunteer signup sheet next to the donation signup sheet on the table in the church lobby.

We have tremendously generous individuals on our committee, Paul Craig, Tashina Peplinski, MaryJo Burkemper, Patty Gitter, Linda Weiss and Dan Roskom, but if you're interested in joining our blood drive committee, please contact the church office. The Shepherd of the Hills Blood Drive Committee was officially formed to coordinate the partnership with the Blood Center of Wisconsin and host 4 blood drives for participation by the congregation and the surrounding area. The committee helps with the event planning details and promotion of the events. Members of the committee are present at the drives to ensure the smooth flow of activities, including set-up, registration, volunteer management, food and snack oversight, and clean up. We are looking to grow our committee. If you're interested contact the church office.

2018 Blood Drive Schedule

  • September 11, 2018
  • December 11, 2018

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